about scenes.at

So, you've found our little place on the web. What are we really about?

Well, we just couldn't resist the temptation to grab the domain scenes.at and make an awesome URL-shortener tool, and at the same time make terrible puns towards both ourselves (being the people behind SceneSat Radio) and the various scenes out there, but primarily the demoscene!

What makes scenes.at different to the other similar services on the net, you ask? Perhaps nothing, but it works the way it should (well, we hope so), it does exactly what it says on the tin, and we've even included a simple but effective means of enabling you to "sceneify" links from your own applications. Just jump in and use our service via our API! :)

More info will follow, but feel free to start "sceneifying" stuff :) However, please don't abuse it. ;)

Oh, and now for some legal mumbojumbo: This site and service is provided as is, with no kind of warranty at all.

That said, we will endavour not to remove any links (unless they are harmful in any way) for the full lifespan of this service, which is aiming to be indefinite.